Thursday, June 30, 2005

Take On Me

Take this class, please!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Errors Corrected

So, I just changed the date on the front page of the website, and I realized that even though this thing is called The Blog of Failed Relationships, all I've written about so far is my wedding, and my cool J-School class, and how good a mood I'm in.

Sorry about that. I'm really quite miserable. Really, I am. I mean, I wrote my cool J-School class story about slavery-- don't I get some depressive cred for that?

Here's a failure story: I just got a new office in a place called Rowhouse Studios, which is a big loft in Old City, Philadelphia. To orient you, the studio is about three blocks from the Real World house.

Last night, D and I decided to get pizza after he picked me up at work at 8 or so. We went to the place on 3rd street, and it was closed. We tried Margharita (it's probably not spelled like that), the place next to the Khyber. Closed. Passed some new joint on Chestnut Street, walked in, and the guy said, "Sorry, folks. We closed." We traveled up Chestnut to Washington Square, hoping to go to El Fuego for burritos. El Fuego was cerrito. No tenememos burritos. (is that the right word? the past perfect form of tener? Incidentally, when I get tipsy, I start trying to speak French and Spanish, sometimes simultaneously. I could probably communicate with a French child under the age of two, or perhaps a severely retarded Spanish speaker, but I doubt the range of my vocabulary is up to any more challenging tasks. Am I the only one who does this, though? The alcoholic attempt to speak a foreign language?) We were hungry by this point, and tired, and so desperate we tried to go to this weird pizza place called Big Tomato Kitchen. Also closed. Finally, in desperation, we stumbled into Moriarty's and collapsed in a booth. D gasped, "Water," in the general direction of the waitress. She obliged. I was sucking on the straw before the glass was out of her hands, pounding an entire pint of lemon-flavored di-hydrogen-oxygenated goodness until I hit the gurgle.

"Menus?" the waitress asked. D and I looked at each other. "Wings," we said simultaneously. They came, and they were good. We left, sated. On the way home, D remembered we needed milk. We tried to pick it up at the grocery store downstairs from the apartment. Guess what? We were too late for that, too.

Monday, June 20, 2005


So, I took this class at Columbia, and our stuff is now up on Transom. Please let us know what you think of it.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Nothing Matters When You're Dancing

Here, we're dancing for the photographer. I think it's a really cool picture, but it's totally inexplicable. Why are we dancing in front of a picturesquely decaying barn? Because it looks nice, dammit. That is why we're dancing.

The barn used to house cows; the farm where we got married is a former dairy farm, and it's now used to grow alfalfa and soy and stuff (organically, natch). The barn is so cool looking, I could just stand there for hours and watch it crumble at its glacial pace. Sometimes I do, actually.

Read it and... weep?

Check out my latest review, a round-up of five books in the Washington Post. Next up: watch Your Morning on CN8 (the Comcast station) on Tuesday, June 21, sometime between 10 and 11, for a short segment about books to read this summer.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Back in Black

So, the wedding is over, and here we are settling into our new life as married folks. It's remarkably like our life as cohabitating folks, only now we have lovely kitchenware! We feel awfully lucky to have such wonderful, generous friends and family.

The wedding photos are in, and they're amazing. Will post soon; email me for details. This weekend we're off to the third wedding in six weeks, this time for a posh do in the Hamptons. I've never been to the Hamptons before-- I'm much more of a Jersey Shore kinda girl, although now that my sister sold our beach house in Cape May (grr!), my beach loyalties are up in the air. We honeymooned in Bristol, Vermont at an amazing place called The Inn at Baldwin Creek, and I'm thinking we'll have to go back to that part of the world sometime soon.

I also have possibly disappointing news: the launch date for the Encyclopedia of Exes has moved, this time to October 4, 2005. Look for it on shelves then. And, as soon as I figure out how to change the front page of, look for the new date there too.