Thursday, August 30, 2007

Today's Numbers

Things I Would Have Preferred Not to Clean Today:

  • Poop from a long-dead rodent discovered while using a shop-vac to clean the basement of our new house
  • Spiderwebs and spider egg sacs in same
  • My kid’s bum

Number of 60-lb sacks of concrete purchased today: 1
Pounds of grass seed sown in lawn today: 5
Percentage of last week’s grass seed eaten by local birds: 45%
Number of times cat poop has been discovered in the yard of our new house: 2
Number of cats we own: 0
Uselessness of neighborhood cats, measured in percentage: 100%

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pickup Artists?

Are you watching this new reality show The Pickup Artist on VH1? The host, Mystery (one of the dudes featured in Neil Strauss's book The Game), is kind of a doofus. I continue to be shocked that The Game has spawned so many sub-industries. Neil Strauss runs a boot camp for guys who want to learn to pick up girls; Mystery has a reality show; no doubt other stuff is in the pipeline.

Women never have the problem of not meeting people at bars. My guy friends used to complain that they had trouble meeting women at bars, and that they had trouble hooking up with women they met at bars. I always looked at them like they had two heads. If you're a vaguely attractive woman and you want to kiss someone, it takes approximately 32 minutes to accomplish. Any bar, anywhere in the world.

Now, do you really want to date/hook up with some dude you met in a bar? That's a totally different story. In general, the answer is NO.