Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pre-Made Cookie Dough

I have a new post up on Babble today about the best kinds of pre-made cookie dough. The doughs were evaluated based on taste, ease of use, and kid-friendliness.

My son and I like to do kitchen projects together, but complicated cookies are well beyond his one-year-old cooking skills. Instead, we had a ton of fun baking store-bought cookie dough together. A couple of brands (notably the 600-lb Gorilla and Wholly Wholesome) were so easy that he could even 'make' the cookies himself by putting them on the cookie sheets.

Cookie dough comes in refrigerated and frozen varieties; if you happen to be a germ spaz, you may prefer the frozen. Or, you can freeze and thaw the refrigerated dough.

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Blogger mymathematicalmind said...

Cookie dough is for eating raw, salmonella scares be damned!

10:59 AM  

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