Friday, November 14, 2008

Today in the NYT: The Interview Suit

Today's Times has a fun article about the return of the Interview Suit. I enjoyed it because I was doing a writing exercise with my students the other day about emotions, and I was writing about being nervous. My nervous moment came at a job interview when I was 16, sitting in a corporate waiting room wearing my first suit. It was a horrible suit. My shoes were worse.

The guy sitting across from me, who was about 21 and newly graduated from college, was also there for a first-job interview. On the way into the building, a pigeon had crapped on his suit. He kept dabbing at the spot with a wad of paper towels while we waited. The paper towels left a trail of white residue on his shoulder. The receptionist called his name, he looked at me and grimaced. "At least it'll give me something to talk about with the interviewer," he said. He headed into the interview like he was going to his own execution.

To this day, I live in fear of being crapped on by a pigeon on my way to an important event.

The Return of the Interview Suit
Published: November 13, 2008
Pants or skirts? Opinions vary, but all agree on a more formal look for these sobering times.



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