Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter Eggs

My local co-op has just started carrying these beautiful eggs laid by heritage chicken breeds. Aren't the colors gorgeous? The yolks are even more amazing-- the yolk might be bright yellow or gold or deep orange, depending on the kind of chicken that made it. I let my kid pick out which color eggs he wants to eat, then we crack each egg into a different ramekin and compare the colors of the yolks to the colors of the shell.

The first time he selected blue eggs for breakfast, he was upset when I served him his plate (scrambled, with toast on the side). "Not those eggs. I want the blue ones," he insisted. He had expected that the eggs would be blue on the inside since they were blue on the outside. Not yellow. We've since achieved some compromise: he claims these are different than regular eggs, and is happy to tell me we're having Easter eggs for breakfast.

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