Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If I ran the world...

If I ran the world, oatmeal raisin cookies would NEVER contain coconut. Ever. Ugh.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter Eggs

My local co-op has just started carrying these beautiful eggs laid by heritage chicken breeds. Aren't the colors gorgeous? The yolks are even more amazing-- the yolk might be bright yellow or gold or deep orange, depending on the kind of chicken that made it. I let my kid pick out which color eggs he wants to eat, then we crack each egg into a different ramekin and compare the colors of the yolks to the colors of the shell.

The first time he selected blue eggs for breakfast, he was upset when I served him his plate (scrambled, with toast on the side). "Not those eggs. I want the blue ones," he insisted. He had expected that the eggs would be blue on the inside since they were blue on the outside. Not yellow. We've since achieved some compromise: he claims these are different than regular eggs, and is happy to tell me we're having Easter eggs for breakfast.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election rewards

My polling location is quite near the Reading Terminal Market, so I stopped in and visited the Flying Monkey Patisserie to buy an "I Voted Today" treat.

Their other "election conversation cupcakes" read "McCain? Seriously?" and "Sarah Scares Me."

Victory is sweet. Yum.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

More on the Food Allergies

Hi, food allergy folk!

You were kind enough to send lots of letters to me and to Harper's in response to my recent article about food allergies.

Some of your letters are published in the new March issue of the magazine, as is a letter from me. Enjoy.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Questions Answered

Thanks to Jordan for tipping me off to this site: Make Up Your Own Mind, a collection of questions that customers have asked of McDonalds workers in the UK. The questions range from sensible to aggressive to downright bizarre.

Some favorites:
"You know when the american bloke ate McDonald's and got very fat and nearly died? What was that movie called? I wanted to rent it but couldn't remember the name...

why dont you have a better selection of vegetarian/halal meals?

what are the chances of you being able to use halal meat and chicken in your shops i am fed up eating fillet of fish all the time i own an indian takeaway an know that it is lot easier to source halal meat especially chicken than to find non halal.booker cash and carry the biggest in the uk now only sell halal chicken because it is the same price and quality and allows more people to buy it.also you supply all hlal food in muslim countries so it cant be too much of a problem

we would like to know if its possile that there could be a halal range of food at mcdonalds because we enjoy mcdonald but cant eat certain food which is a real shame we also like to now if we couhave a new home devilivery system thanxs

why do mcdonalds not have any halal food items on thier menus? my best friend is muslim and she always eats at mcdonlads but can never eat anything but the vegetarian and the fish

why dont you serve halal food?"

To answer: Supersize Me; there will not be any halal food in the near future; there will not be any McDonalds delivery in the near future.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Strawberry Cake Warning

I made strawberry cupcakes this weekend for my kid's birthday party. They were delicious and pink; the recipe was from the Cake Mix Doctor cookbook.

I made strawberry cream cheese frosting to go on the cupcakes, and it was also delicious. Except that I tried to get all fancy and put some decorative strawberries on top of the cupcakes.


I thought I was being Super-Mama and organized, baking and frosting the cupcakes the night before the party. As it turns out, you can't put something liquid-y (like fresh strawberries) onto a soft fragile frosting (like strawberry cream cheese frosting) and expect the frosting to stay the same consistency overnight.

By the time we got to the party, which was held two hours away, the strawberries had melted the frosting.


Warning to bakers: do not put fresh fruit on your cake the night before. Decorative fruit should wait until moments before serving.

My cupcakes tasted delicious despite the melted frosting, but I was reminded of other culinary disasters: for example, the raspberry Charlotte royale that I made for Christmas one year. I spent two days making it, even whipping the egg yolks by hand to make the genoise. I turned the genoise into beautiful, perfectly round cake-and-raspberry-jam spirals. The whole thing was supposed to be stuffed with a firm raspberry mousse, and it was supposed to slice into gorgeous wedges of French culinary wonder. It would have looked something like this:

Except that I screwed up the the raspberry mousse, and it was all runny inside the cake spirals.

My family and friends ate it anyway, but I was devastated. I went back to baking the same old apple pie I made for every holiday, and it took years before I got up the nerve to make another super-fancy dessert.

Apparently my baking skills are rusty. Again.